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Sick Enough:
A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders

Release date: October 2, 2018 (Routledge)

“In Sick Enough, world renowned physician Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani has filled a glaring gap in the eating disorder literature by providing patients and families with easy-to-understand information, helping them navigate the medical issues involved in an eating disorder. Owning Sick Enough is like having Dr. Gaudiani in your living room for a chat, thus it is one of the most important eating disorder books that patients, families and even healthcare providers can buy.”
— Carolyn Costin M.A. M.ED. MFT, Founder/Director of The Carolyn Costin Institute; Author of 8 Keys to Recovery from an Eating Disorder


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“I have longed for Dr. Gaudiani’s expertise to be more widely available. She has thought very carefully about the subject and been exemplary in the medical aspects of eating difficulties. I know this will be an important contribution to the field.”
— Dr. Susie Orbach, psychotherapist and author of Fat is a Feminist Issue, Hunger Strike and Bodies

“Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani truly ‘gets it’! Sick Enough should be required reading for those who suffer with eating disorders, family members, as well as professionals. This book is a lifesaver.”
— Jenni Schaefer, author of Life Without Ed, Almost Anorexic, and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me