Dr. Gaudiani is the Founder & Medical Director of the Gaudiani Clinic.
The Gaudiani Clinic provides expert outpatient medical care to patients of all genders with eating disorders or disordered eating, of all shapes and sizes. The Gaudiani Clinic also offers person-centered care to those who are recovered from an eating disorder. Through a collaborative, communicative, multi-disciplinary approach, the Clinic cares for the whole person, in the context of their values. The Gaudiani Clinic provides HAES® (Health At Every Size)-informed care in a compassionate and welcoming environment and operates under a hybrid-concierge treatment model. Located in Denver, Colorado with both local and telemedicine treatment available, the Gaudiani Clinic is currently licensed to practice telemedicine in over 20 states across the country and provides consultative services to patients throughout the world.
For more information, please visit www.gaudianiclinic.com

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